Welcome to the Schmid miniature brickworks

miniaturZIEGEL Heinrich Schmid - Online-Shop It all began with the playful idea of producing a special gift, regardless of the associated cost. A thank-you to my orthodontist for the very successful treatment in 1991.
The gift was supposed to consist of miniature bricks, and so I myself "worked them by hand" in the traditional way.

From then on I was simply obsessed with the idea of manufacturing bricks as true to the original as possible on a scale of 1:10.
In the years that followed I spared neither time nor expense in perfecting the result of my work.

miniaturZIEGEL Heinrich Schmid - Online-Shop In the autumn of 1996 came the decisive cut.
The mechanical designer became a miniature brickmaker.

Later on various different scales were added.
But my goal of copying the original in shape, colour and material as accurately as possible, and regardless of the manufacturing expense, remains the same.